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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Re-Thinking “Farm-to-Table” Thinking

I went to a local farmers market the other day. It's something I do on a regular basis to get the freshest and best quality ingredients for my kitchen. And farmers markets are everywhere these days as the so-called “farm-to-table” concept moves from a passing fad for a few fanatical foodies to a sustainable idea for a larger portion of the populace. There are tiny markets in tiny towns and sprawling acres of market in larger cities. I'm lucky to have access to both. I went to a little market in the parking lot of a town square the other day. They had maybe six booths set up, but I still managed to come away with some fresh eggs and a nice selection of herbs for my herb garden. This week I'll be headed to “the city” and the humongous market there that is comprised of several large buildings, row upon row of open stalls, and even its own restaurant featuring a menu based on market-acquired produce.

But, thanks to a New York Times piece I just read, this time I'll have a fresh perspective on the fresh food available at the market. The article by chef Dan Barber is eye-opening even for those of us who have been marching at the front of the sustainability parade for quite awhile. I'm not going to try to parse the contents of the article here. Chef Barber wrote clearly, concisely, and well and I'm just going to link to the Sunday Review piece and let you read it for yourself. It might get you thinking in a new direction, too.

Read Dan Barber's article “What Farm-to-Table Got Wrong” at:

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