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Saturday, March 3, 2012

March (2012) Food Holidays

Well, you'd kind of expect to find corned beef and/or cabbage celebrated in a month which contains St. Patrick's Day – and you wouldn't be disappointed. But lots of other foods make an appearance during the month which brings Spring and occasionally a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Celery, noodles, peanuts, and flour vie for national attention in March. It's also National Frozen Food Month and National Sauce Month; no particular frozen foods or sauces are singled out.

You can eat chocolate chip cookies all week the second week of the month and enjoy chocolate in general during American Chocolate Week, the third week of March.

Beyond that March 1 is both National Peanut Butter Lover's Day and National Fruit Compote Day.

March 2 belongs to banana cream pie, while the 3rd is given over to both cold cuts and mulled wine.

Pound down some pound cake on March 4 and chase it with some cheese doodles and absinthe on the 5th. Hmmmm......let me clarify that; it's National Cheese Doodle Day as well as National Absinthe Day. Not sure I'd combine the two.

National Frozen Food Day falls on March 6, as does National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day. How about a frozen white chocolate cheesecake?

Here's an odd couple; crown roast of pork and cereal. Both share the day on March 7.

Peanut clusters get a day to themselves on the 8th, and crabmeat reigns supreme on the 9th.

National Pack Your Lunch Day happens on March 10. Wait a minute. Isn't that a Saturday this year?

That's okay. The morning of Sunday, March 11 would be a perfect time to celebrate oatmeal-nut waffles.

Baked scallops get a nod on the 12th and the 13th is reserved for observing coconut tortes......and probably for eating them, too.

Now, some people will go all out to bake pies on National Pi Day – the mathematical pi, that is. I prefer to throw a big party with lots of potato chips, the real food star of the day.

I'm not sure who Helene is or what she's got to do with pears, but nonetheless, March 15 is National Pears Hélène Day. Actually, I do know the story behind Pears Hélène, but it's long and boring and involves opera and is totally irrelevant to our discourse.

If you like artichoke hearts they are completely relevant on their day, March 16.

Of course, as expected, St. Patty's Day and Corned Beef and Cabbage Day are synonymous.

Munch an oatmeal cookie on its March 18 holiday.

Poultry and chocolate caramel share the same March 19 celebration. Again, I'm not sure I'd celebrate them together.

Bock beer and ravioli are both recognized on the 20th. I guess you could do those in tandem.

What is it with dual days, here? Strawberries and French bread split March 21 and Coq au Vin and water – yes, water – are both feted on March 22. And cram Chip and Dip Day and Melba Toast Day together on the 23rd.

Chocolate-covered raisins get their own day on March 24th, but Lobster Newburg, pecans, and waffles all crowd in together on the 25th. Lobster Newburg with a side of pecan waffles, maybe? Nah.

Spinach gets its day on March 26 and the Spanish paella gets recognized on the 27th.

The 28th is split between Something on a Stick Day and Black Forest Cake. Hmmm......Black Forest Cake on a Stick? It could happen.

Lemon Chiffon Cake Day is March 29 and turkey neck soup dominates the 30th.

The last day of the month is another crowd pleaser with taters – not “potatoes,” “taters,” – clams on the half-shell, and oranges and lemons all vying for your culinary attention on March 31.

Can't wait to see what April brings?'ll just have to. I'm through for now. :-)

Buon appetito!

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