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Friday, August 31, 2012

September (2012) Fun Food Holidays

Autumn is finally upon us. Cooler days are on the horizon and the beauty of fall is at hand. Having survived August, September allows us to turn our thoughts back to food and eating, rather than focusing on air conditioners and sweating. September, so named because it was the seventh month of the ancient Roman calendar (up until 153 BC), boasts of a number of great food celebrations, so let's start celebrating!

Paramount in the part of the country in which I live, September is National Biscuit Month. Coincidentally, it is also National Breakfast Month – although any Southerner knows that biscuits are not just for breakfast anymore. September is National Chicken Month. Ever had a good chicken biscuit? Honey, mushrooms, papaya, potatoes, rice, and whole grains are also celebrated all month long. And we mustn't overlook California Wine Month and National Bourbon Heritage Month, either.

Don't forget, oyster lovers, that September is the first “R” month and many folks also acknowledge September as the kickoff not only of football season, but of wine season, as well.

Foods that get their own weeks in September include waffles and biscuits and gravy, both during the second week of the month, and wild rice gets the fourth week.

This year, September starts off extremely well because International Bacon Day, a floating holiday that occurs on the Saturday before Labor Day, falls on the first. (In preparation, you're all invited to read my article on how to cook bacon.) Not to be selfish, bacon shares the day this year with National Cherry Popover Day.

Speaking of things that pop, how about National Blueberry Popsicle Day on September 2.

National Welsh Rarebit Day is September 3. It's frequently called "Welsh Rabbit," but trust me, there are none of Bugs Bunny's kinfolk involved in this dish of cheese sauce poured over toasted bread.

If you're nuts for macadamias, September 4 is your day to shine.

After International Bacon Day, September 5 is my second-highest holy day, National Cheese Pizza Day. (I wonder if topping it with bacon from the previous holy day would be sacrilegious?)

Coffee ice cream has its day on September 6 and the lowly acorn squash gets elevated to national attention on the 7th.

Do you crave date nut bread? Your day is at hand. It's September 8.

Don your lederhosen and knock back a few brewskies as you revel in National Weinerschnitzel Day on September 9.

Let's all flash back to 1953, the year when Swanson first introduced the TV Dinner. Grab a few at the store, heat 'em up, tune in an old “I Love Lucy” rerun, and park in front of the tube for the perfect celebration of National TV Dinner Day on September 10.

Have you had a good hot cross bun lately? Well, September 11 would be the appropriate day to do so.

I, personally, will hold out for a chocolate milkshake on National Chocolate Milkshake Day, September 12.

Mr. Peanut would like to invite y'all over to Jimmy Carter's place for National Peanut Day on September 13. (Just kidding, Mr. President.)

Now, you can double up on September 14. It's National Eat A Hoagie Day and also National Creme-Filled Doughnut Day. (Fortunately, there's a Krispy Kreme shop right around the corner from the deli.)

If you like your spaghetti flat, there's National Linguine Day on September 15.

For the uninformed among you, May 5 or Cinco de Mayo, is not Mexican Independence Day. That distinction goes to September 16. How that relates to National Guacamole Day, I leave to your judgment.

Consume celebratory apple dumplings on the 17th, cheeseburgers on the 18th, butterscotch pudding on the 19th, and wash it all down with rum punch on the 20th.

Go bananas on the 21st for the International Banana Festival. Or you can celebrate the day with a pecan cookie. Both are appropriate.

Legend tells us the ice cream cone was invented on September 22, 1903 at the St. Louis World's Fair. Of course, the Fair didn't open until 1904, but why screw up a perfectly good food holiday. September 22. National Ice Cream Cone Day. Go forth and celebrate.

White chocolate, like the late Rodney Dangerfield, “don't get no respect.” It's not really even chocolate, you know. But on September 23 it all comes around for National White Chocolate Day.

Okay, anything you have to flambé is worth celebrating. Enjoy National Cherries Jubilee day on September 24.

The controversy rages: some food experts claim Shrove Tuesday as the only official Pancake Day. Others say National Pancake Day occurs on September 26. Why can't we all be friends and celebrate both, hmmm?

Try this duo of food celebrations on the 27th: Corned Beef Hash and Chocolate Milk. Maybe not.

According to some sources, September 28 is Drink Beer Day. You mean there's a day for that? It's also Strawberry Cream Pie Day, although I'm not sure the two go together very well.

National Coffee Day follows the next day on the 29th. Maybe you could just hold the strawberry cream pie until then.

And finally, in anticipation of the mellow fall month of October, enjoy National Mulled Cider Day on September 30.

Un brindisi alla vita dolce!

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