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Friday, June 29, 2012

World's Largest Lasagne Made In Poland

On the heels of the news that a Japanese chef won Italy's first World Pasta Championship comes word of the world's largest lasagne being turned out in Poland. Further support, I suppose, for the title of John F. Mariani's latest book, How Italian Food Conquered the World.

As Cesare Prandelli and the Italian soccer team settled into quarters in Krakow in advance of the 2012 European Soccer Championship quarter-finals, a nearby Italian restaurant – yes, I did say a nearby Italian restaurant in Krakow – decided to honor the players by putting together a little lunch. Ten hours later, the 15,432-pound lasagne was ready to be cut into ten-thousand pieces and served.

Of course, Trattoria Giancarlo's executive chef, Giancarlo Russo, wasn't sure the players' training diet would allow them to enjoy any of his creation, but he expressed the hope that “they can try just a little bit.”

The Guinness folks awarded the restaurant a world record for cooking the largest lasagne.

No word on how leftovers will be dealt with, but everybody knows lasagne is better the next day.

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